Why I do this…

My purpose is to live the magic I find in music and spend my life sharing it with others, bringing a smile to their faces and shed some light in a dark or lonely place

I have spent my entire life listening to music…all of music, what drives it and what creates it.

Music…that is what this blog is about…the pursuit of my love for the whole of music.  When I listen to music, I hear its soul first. I may hear that in the lyrics, I may hear it in the melody, but the song’s soul is what speaks to me first and that is how I feed my own soul. In this blog I will share what I have heard and why it speaks to me. There are so many artists whose work has spoken to me over the years, and many more that I have yet to discover. This blog will discuss more than just genre, feel…origin…I am writing to share the wealth that music has brought to my life.

I have played the bass guitar since 1977, I have never found the need to learn another instrument because of the pure joy I have derived from my explorations of its beautiful voice… the bass. This is the most singularly important part of who I am and how I perceive, listen and consume music.

I consume music, ferociously
I have never been able to listen to enough music… ever
In any given hour of the day I will be consuming music.
I am a connoisseur of music, and its lullaby is whispering to my soul

The songs I choose to write about are the ones that bring me joy, teach me something, or even cause me to weep.

Music is as unique as the individuals who write it and if they continue to pour their soul into their songs, I will never run out of things to write about.

This is my connoisseurs’ lullaby.