Sweet Symphony – Joy Oladokun (with Chris Stapleton)

The perfect love song…

(Listening to this song while reading, is strongly encouraged)

This year I celebrated twenty years with the most beautiful human to ever grace my path and she chose to live these twenty years with me. Nothing in my life is as precious as this. Nothing is as sweet as the love I have from this friend and partner.

I let my walls down, and daily… I lay my weapons on the floor and there she is, loving me. She has never wavered, and my heart still trembles at the sound of her love for me…

Do you know anyone who believes they deserve love, really? We never feel quite good enough to be loved. So, when you find it, you want to shout and then you do anything you can do to sabotage that precious love.

Every day is a miracle, and every day she is here.

I keep listening, I truly hope I am learning, and I believe, I am growing…

I get weak
Whenever you’re around
I let my walls down
Lay my weapons on the floor
Every day I used to fight
Dream of real love at night
Well it’s reality now

Sweet Symphony” is the perfect love song.

Joy Oladokun. I am so grateful for the beauty you have brought to my life. Thank you for pouring your soul into your magic.

Be relentless in your obsession to weave your magic into music.

Loving you’s a sweet symphony
That all of heaven and earth join to sing
My heart trembles at the sound
Even if the world that we built falls at our feet
We’re still right where we’re supposed to be
Together through ups and the downs
Dungeons And ivory towers

Loving my sweet Susan is a sweet, sweet symphony.

The life that I have walked has led me through so many valleys and so many dead ends. But I found Susan.

I remember that night, wondering what she wanted for the future. My life changed forever when she wanted to be a part of mine.

My heart trembled at the sound…

We have walked through one crazy battle after another, and we are still here, the love of my life is still right here.

She is my sweet symphony.


We’ll get things wrong
But as long as we keep, еvery promise we makе we’ll stay whole
I know
There’ll be heavy days
But in every mistake
There’s a lesson to learn so stay here with me

We walked through grief together and we walked through the terrors of life together.

We still walk, right next to each other.

We all get things wrong. I have had days when I thought that the world would be a much better place without me. But here I am, and, in every mistake, she has been right here… loving me.

She has never wavered; she has never turned away… she is my sweet symphony.

Loving you’s a sweet symphony
That all of heaven and earth join to sing
My heart trembles at the sound
Even if the world that we built falls at our feet
We’re still right where we’re supposed to be
Together through ups and the downs
Dungeons and ivory towers

Joy Oladokun is a star. Her songwriting, her singing, her weaving of magic., everything about her music is magic. She is a warrior, writing like this takes courage.

She was born for all generations, and she is magical…

Chris Stapleton is so smart to bring his voice to this beautiful, perfect, magic. I love how this magician finds himself singing “Wrong

simply brilliant….

I discovered Joy Oladokun last year, but it feels like I have been listening to her all my life. She gave me strength with her album, “in defense of my own happiness“.

I have never really been afraid of working in that neighborhood grocery store through this pandemic, but I am old. I could have stayed away. But I wouldn’t know Henry and every other kid that made me smile over the last three years.

Love is truly a sweet symphony…

Every soul that I worked with through this little slice of horror will forever be etched in my memory. Joy’s music helped keep me smiling and ringing up your groceries. It kept me loving you all enough to get over feeling dirty and part of the problem and just focusing on being the one who can make you smile.

Loving all of you is a “Sweet Symphony“.

The world has truly fallen at our feet, and we can decide how we rebuild it. Will we accept what brought us here or be critical of the little pieces that don’t matter?


No matter where you are or what you are doing… stop, listen, and take note of this beautiful soul, Joy Oladokun.

Listening, learning, and growing

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