Soldier of Hope – Roo Panes

Every now and then a song comes along with so much soul that it causes you to weep the first time you hear it.  Roo Panes gives us one of those gifts with Soldier of Hope. This originally was released by Roo in 2017 but is included on the Deluxe Edition release of Quiet Man that came out today.

I think many of you will feel the same when you hear this tune, there is so much in the air today that causes us strife and tension or just sadness.  This song is a source of hope and offers a respite to some of that. It calls upon us to come home and live life with a lighter mind. Some may hear him singing a spiritual song and others, like me, just hear hope.

I have been listening to Roo for a couple of years now and have found his music to be a source of a sweet quiet peace. His music has a soul that soothes the listener as he weaves subtle guitar notes throughout. His use of backing vocals offers a gentle quiet as well. This is not complicated music and I thinks that is part of the charm, it is beautiful music.

This is the kind of music I love to play along with on my bass, late at night with no one around.  There have been times when life has beaten me down to a point that slipping into midnight while playing this over and over can lift me up again.  That is just one of the magics of music, feeding your soul. I think that most anyone can hear a song from some point in their life and instantly be taken back to that moment. That is one of the magics as well, but there are magics within the music that can heal, bring joy or provide you with insight. It might be in the melodies or the lyrics, or just the rhythm.  I have spent a lifetime seeking out these magics and have been so richly blessed as a result. Roo Panes Soldier of Hope is just one example of the magic in music.

Listening, learning and growing…

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