People Get Old – Lori McKenna

Have you ever felt like a song was written just for you? No matter how many times you listen to it, you always feel like it is reaching into the depths of your soul and pouring something in. No matter how raw your moment might be, it still speaks. If you have found this in a song then you’re as lucky as me. Keep that song close and burn up the repeat button, let it pour into your life.

You’ve probably already heard Lori McKenna’s tunes, the list of artists who have recorded her songs is longer than your arm or leg. I am so incredibly thankful that she decided to keep this one to herself. Her voice and the musicians she surrounds herself with have created something truly magical. This song does what is should do, it takes you back and lets you see how beautiful your life has been. Some songs take you forward, looking at what you can do and how you can be what you’ve dreamed of. All of these things matter, all of it is the magic of the soul of music. Lori McKenna is an artist I will adore for the rest of my life because, with this one she took me back and let me look forward all at once.

When I listen to this song I experience it from two perspectives, the dad and the kid. I am in that late in-between stage of my life, my dad is 89 and my kids have kids. When Lori sings about riding in the cab of that truck its a kind of duality for me. It takes me back to when I was eight or nine riding next to my dad in Montana. I still remember waiting for that water tank to fill on the back of that truck, and that arrogant horse rubbing his ass on the front of said truck cause he knew we were not going to move quite yet. Yes, we didn’t have running water so we had to haul it in… Fast forward twenty some years and it was me driving down those ditch roads in eastern Washington and my kids sitting there thinking we were flying and the dust behind us would never have a chance of catching us. At the same time I listen and it takes me to today, my kids have run off and made a life of their own, working to feed their kids and searching for what really brings them joy, just like me. I hope they always think of me as forty-five, cause I sure do think of them as kids…

“Someone said youth is wasted on the young” In many cases this is a true statement but I hope for you it is not. Its not for me, I have held on to those pieces of my youth with all I have. That does come with a cost, you are supposed to grow up and be responsible. I had that Timex watch and cigarette and I twirl my youth around my arms like its all I have… cause it really is. Youth, a fond reference to younger, innocent days. When in actuality its just talking about the soul you are supposed to carry, the belief that what you see is not what you have to accept. That beautiful belief that all around you, miracles can happen. So many things can happen that erode and chip away at our youth and so many things do….divorce, death, unemployment and yeah, people get old.

If you have found the time to read this then please take the time to listen to Lori’s song. I hope it can take you where it took me. If I could give you a wish then it would be to twirl your youth around a few more times. Look at what is in your arms, whether its your beautiful child or your own youth that you are trying so desperately to hold on to… gaze at it and love it, cause just as she says… people get old

I am not going to write about the musical perfection in this one because if you can’t hear it… well I can’t help you. What I will write is a simple thank you to Lori McKenna, you took me to a place I haven’t seen for a very long time and I am grateful…you are magical.

Listening, Learning and growing….